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Beautiful Collections from Italian Designer Elisa Fanti

Wear Elisa Fanti fashion and feel spectacular: elegant yet comfortable and versatile outfits made with gorgeous high-quality fabrics.

Italian classic tailoring tradition at its best with a modern twist for every woman to feel special!


New Collection

“A unique fashion style for unique ladies”.

“Class and elegance will never go out of style”.


“We bring you elegance.
Just add your personality for a unique style.”

We offer a vast selection of trend-setting ladies’ fashion, so you will look and feel fabulous all the time and on every occasion, from formal to more casual.

Italian Designs

At Mantovani Moda, we specialize in importing a wide selection of high-end ladies fashion directly from Italy. We strive to harmonize quality, old school craftmanship and upscale design with the latest trends and great comfort, so that every woman can be the best possible version of herself.  Always.

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